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For a junior developer seeking their first full-time shot, what advice would you give them to help them get beyond the interviewer comments "you're too junior for us."? What did you do to convince people to give you a shot that people you meet often overlook?

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I've said and witnesses this over and over in the past: The hardest job in tech to get is the first one, the easiest is every one after that. The goal is to just get your foot in the door, any door, and even do it for a temporary pay cut if possible (I acknowledge this is not possible for many people).

I would say that when you hear that then just do your best to convince someone to give you that first chance. I would also suggest paying a professional to help write your resume.

Also, have an online presence. When you think about it, you're essentially competing with a bunch of people for a job. If someone googles you, you want them to find you. This could be code on github, blog posts, or a portfolio. Just put stuff out there. Clone other repos, make some changes and learn some stuff, then put it up on your repo with notes. This will set you apart from 95% of others.

Also, it's a numbers game. Get a very nice resume and submit it to tens, hundreds, even thousands of companies. The more you submit the better your chances are.