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In your roles how have you asked your bosses to give you time to attend conferences? How did you work this out with them to allow you to attend so many? When and why did you realize that this would help you to become a better developer?

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Early on I would actually take vacation and spend my own money to attend. I think this all depends on your employer, and for me I was privileged enough to be able to do and afford this.

I can say for sure that it was one of the best decisions I have made. The connections I made, the people who influenced me, the energy that I took in at these events are had one of the biggest impacts on my career.

I think early on, and depending on your employer, it may be hard to find an employer that embraces and supports people attending events. I would say that as your career progresses, do your best to find companies that support this and will pay your way to at least one event a year if that is what interests you.

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Nader Dabit

Thanks for responding and being a leader.