I'm Nader Dabit. I am a web and mobile developer, author, and speaker. Ask me anything!

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Hi Nader, Thanks for helping out with react native design system ๐Ÿ˜. I see you doing a lot of things like, writing, teaching, etc. How do you manage all this? I am personally feeling burn out while juggling between open source, technical writing, learning and job. What would you advice to manage things in a better way and avoid burn out?

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I would check out my answer to the top productivity hacks question for some initial insight.

As far as burnout is concerned, I tend to try to keep this in check and if feeling like it's coming around, just stop doing the thing that's causing the burnout (if it's not part of my job) and try not to stress it. After some time, you'll feel like getting back to it. I.e. i used to get really bummed / stressed if I didn't answer all of my DMs and github issues right away. In reality, we can only do so much and other people should not come before us and our mental health.