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Hey Nader! What are some of your top productivity hacks?

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Hey, this is especially interesting to me because a lot of people ask me "how I'm so productive" yet I'm constantly feeling like I'm procrastinating. I do my best to be productive, but it takes a lot of effort for someone like me (ADHD bad!). Here are some things that work for me:

  • Everything is on my calendar (exercise, lunch, downtime, writing, etc). This keeps me focused on what I should be doing at the moment
  • Close all social media / slack / phone when I have something that I'm working on that needs my focus
  • Lists (to do lists ,that I usually keep on trello, and visit every day to see what I need to do and prioritize)
  • Keep in mind that I should not worry about the big picture on large projects, just focus on one thing at a time and over time the entire thing will be complete if I just keep working.
  • Meditation / stoicism / mindfulness / buddhism - These ideologies and ways of thinking help me a lot in general