I'm Nader Dabit. I am a web and mobile developer, author, and speaker. Ask me anything!

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Hi Nader, over the last year you've been visiting events in countries like India, full of ambitious developers but with less developed tech scene. How do you remember these expriences? What are the key things you were able to learn thanks to them?

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India in particular was just way way more fun and exciting than I expected. I've never met a group of developers who were as energetic and motivated than at React India.

I learned a lot and made some amazing connections there. I've been watching some of the people and what they've been doing since, and the scene there is just exploding. There is a huge passion there for learning and teaching, I can't wait to go back to India.

I would also like to visit Lagos, the tech scene there is exploding and there are so many people I've connected with virtually that I'd like to meet there. Also looking forward to going to China this year!