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Thanks for answering my earlier questions! Here is one more: What’s your opinion on publishing content on one’s own domain vs giving it away to other platforms like Medium? Do you think developers should push themselves to have a personal blog first?

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I like Medium / Devto because I get way more traffic! I think if you're someone like Dan Abramov or someone with a massive following you can get away with publishing on your own domain and still getting a ton of traffic.

Also, if you self publish for a while and bulid a name for yourself an audience you can probably get a good amount of traffic.

The other thing is the content, whether you own it or not. With Devto it's just markdown so it would be easy to also replicate it on git somewhere just in case!

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Nader Dabit My thoughts about this is to start publishing on medium/devto or on another platform to have a name and some traffic and then start to publish from your own blog. That's my idea about this