I'm not a developer anymore, am I?

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I think it all boils down to what kind of development you're working on.

Web Development

If its web development as in building web apps then you'll find yourself using A LOT of third party libraries because it's the best, cheaper, and faster way to go.

In the Ruby on Rails scene, I don't imagine myself building my own Devise(a gem for auth) for every project. Authentication is a known and solved problem by that gem which has been working so nice for many years, is open-sourced, well tested, etc.

Without Devise having the signup/login feature for a web app would take months to have right. Using this package it takes less than half a day.

My point is, if the software you build runs in a web browser, then most probably you'd be better using third libraries UNLESS you have the time to build your own implementations.

Now, if you want to use design patterns, more algorithms, optimization techniques, implement your own data structures, and those things that are very computer science, then you should look for a place to work on medium to low-level stuff.

For example, if you try to code for tools or utilities or stuff like:

  • Docker
  • Vagrant
  • Terraform
  • A web browser(Firefox is built in Rust)
  • A web framework
  • An HTML to PDF converter
  • An image processor

Notice how these things are USED by developers. Build by some devs to be used by other devs.

You Are a Dev

At the end of the day, the kind of code you produce does not qualify or disqualifies you.

I used to think that those people working in Space X, Tesla, NASA are the real devs. They are just devs in another business.

A family doctor IS doctor no matter if she doesn't practice neurocirugies :)