Indentation: 2, 4 or x spaces?

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just play 'pick a number' with your team and define an git hook that auto-formats your code.

tabs / spaces are mostly non relevant problems in modern software development. So it's about visual structure hence it's for humans hence it's aesthetics and this to me tends to be a bike-shedding discussion.

I let my team pick, I am old I don't care anymore about such things. Consistency is more important to me.

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full-stack father, developer, crafter

This is by no means a serious thing. After having developed for decades with just me, I'm now part of a team and I'm curious to what others prefer

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stuff ;)

Jos Fabre fair enough. to me it's more of a statement of time. I grew up with 1 tab, I got 'corrected' to 4 spaces so it looks everywhere the same. now they like 2 spaces.

But ofc it makes perfect sense to just ask. it wasn't meant as an attack or anything.

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