Is Angular (^2) over-complicated and over-engineered?

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Giovanni Montenegro's photo

Hi, I studied a lot of stuff, like React ecosystem or angular. Both are awesome. Someone say React is easy to learn and understand, angular is harder. But for my expirience both need time to be learned in a successful way, and to be mastered. Angular is a framework that gives you all the tools to create great app, with a great community behind. The difficulty depends on from how much time you are studing it, and using it (study and use in a real example are different). For every new language or framework you will learn, there will be always some obstacle. So the most important thing is: Do what you want, and what make you addicted to.

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For starter angular is little bit difficult, because here u need to understand the structure and other stuff for execution of the project. After that angular is very easy you can do so many thing easily compare to other technology. I cant compare with react because I never work on react.