Is anyone using DVORAK instead of QWERTY ?

There are two main lines of DVORAK that are of interest, standard DVORAK:

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and then my favourite, Programmers DVORAK:

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since I'm always challenging myself to do new things, there was a point in my life where I was using a DVORAK layout layout for my clunky Microsoft Natural Layout keyboard and I was fluent in DVORAK. It was fun and since my keyboard caused a lot of strain on my hands using QWERTY, DVORAK was a major improvement.

Then at one company, I was forced to use VIM for 8 months writing perl code; VIM works very well on a QWERTY keyboard. As soon as you switch to DVORAK, everything is messed up and even though you can switch to DVORAK layouts for VIM, I couldn't get programmers DVORAK working in VIM and I gradually fell back into QWERTY where I'm still at today.

Currently using VIM shortcuts inside IntelliJ, so no programmers DVORAK for me, unless I go and remap every single shortcut possible - an enormous job!

I miss the DVORAK days, but most things have standardised around QWERTY making it hard to switch.

Is anyone using DVORAK? What is your experience ?

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C-m gocbi ekrpat! Cy-ovvv bry ,rptcbi rgy or ip.ayv

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You're doing it wrong ;-)