Is it worth making use of Ember.Js in days where we have Vue and React?

I was checking some of the Javascript frameworks and came across few sites where they mentioned EmberJS. Now considering more people are leaning towards Vue and React for small projects and Angular for enterprise level.

Where does Ember fits in such competitive framework options?

In which scenario do you see one can use EmberJS?

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Ben Buchanan (200ok)'s photo

Ember seems to have a quiet but solid core of users that just keep on using it. With frameworks if your team's really good with them and the framework is not slowing you down or creating any impediments, and it's being maintained, there's no specific need to rebuild onto something else.

I'd be a little surprised to see a major green fields project kick off with Ember now though. Most teams seem to be going to React or Vue. Angular's declining in all the surveys I've seen, whether that data can be trusted is another question.