Is preferring to hire minorities discriminatory?

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I really like turtles. Have you played with LOGO before? Also, i tend to prefer people with better on the job abilities and team fitness. If there is a tie, i will most probably prefer the “minorities” be them black, women, queer, or whatever.

As an employer, the most important thing is to keep the business going and going well.


M has a good point that if you test enough, no two candidates will be equal. That’s true, but you can’t test forever. Here’s how i do it:

  1. test on-the-job abilities of candidates, and take the top few of them (i usually add tasks that’s outside of their comfort zone to check if they are eager to learn new things; that’s very important in this job)
  2. get them to know the team they will work with. The team has a lot to say in this, so get their opinion after the meeting. If a candidate doesn’t like the team, they will back off. If the team doesn’t like a candidate, they will tell, or they will be forced to work with them for a while
  3. if, and only if more candidates are still available at this point, then comes my personal preference
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But when are two candidates really equal? There's always a difference if you test enough...

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Good point, i just added an edit addressing this.