"It's embarrassing to use jQuery" - Do you agree?

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From the perspective of a CTO, here is what I'll think

  • It's a landing page, everyone will see it. If someone looking for a job and find that this company is not using modern technologies, some may not consider it
  • We're teaching new dev React, not JQuery. So if there are any edits, even juniors can do it
  • Performance wise both React and JQuery are really good. But by default React comes with great tooling (CRA). Like Eslint, Sass support, enforce component splitting, etc
  • Use familiar plugins/libs if need in future. Suppose your CTO, as well as others, who are already familiar with React libraries (than JQuery) it will be much easy to integrate
  • Longer vision - For now it may seem like a simple landing page. But if future it may evolve into something large

There are many more if you think from the perspective of a CTO. Please don't blame him.