I've made a product for you!

It's not exactly related to programming, but is there anyone in Hashnode who uses email subscription boxes or something to collect subscribers? I have a product for you

Webp.net-resizeimage (2).png

I've built a tool which helps you to:

  • Collect subscribers via Facebook from the website, (78% higher opt-ins than email subscription boxes)
  • Collect subscribers from links in YouTube videos, QR codes etc
  • Send them new blog posts to their Facebook Messenger as cards (92% open rates)
  • Send them offers/coupons directly to their Facebook Messenger
  • Send lead magnets like ebook, downloads when they subscribe

MFY - mfy.im

Subscription box demo: Screenshot from 2019-01-12 18-23-13.png

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Looks solid Gijo Varghese 🍻 Congrats!


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I am a more of a hacker / opensource mentality guy :) I don't influence, track, collect or even want to do such things. Besides short moments of vanity / curiosity :). But I'll bookmark it and suggest it to customers if it fits. :)

Awesome! Thanks

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Hey Gijo Varghese, I used to have mailchimp on most places where I needed a subscription box. Recently thinking of using Upsribe on my medium. Never tried Messenger way.
Would love to!! and with a quick look at it, it doesnt just look like its a subscription box. Has something more too!!

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Already did. Becuase I dont know how many people pick between the two (messenger & email) the very thing I was looking for in this is for email support and its there. Giving it a try!!

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This looks cool. Where can we find the product? 🙂

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This can be handy for many bloggers and social media managers for automation. Kudos to you for trying something new. This should help many people save time doing these things on manual basis. Prices are also reasonable.

Congrats and all the best to you.

Thanks Sky. Exactly, I think this will be really useful for Bloggers

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