Jekyll + React Any Ideas ?

Recently I moved my blog from WordPress to Jekyll and hosted it on netlify for free !!

Jekyll is good and gives developer lot of flexibility, still I feel I can add something to it, but no ideas.

Has anyone tried Jekyll with React. Please share your ideas.

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Out of curiosity - why and where would you use React? I had a quick look at your blog and React seems like total overkill. You are serving static HTML files, you don't have moving parts and your website doesn't have (and probably doesn't need) a changing state. You won't get any benefit from React's Virtual DOM and you don't need React's components, because you have Jekyll's own template system (Liquid).

There is a big possibility of overcomplicating the whole build process by introducing new dependencies and end up serving unneeded JS code to your users.

Why not write your interaction and presentation logic in plain JavaScript, instead of using UI libraries and bundlers?

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I have done this.

To get started, I went to and typed "using jekyll with react"

Shockingly, that gave me this result:

Using Webpack and React with Jekyll – Alli Zadrozny – Medium

I followed that tutorial, and lo and behind, the two are integrated and it works great.