Jianliao(like Chinese Slack) open sourced, written in CoffeeScript and React

I'm no longer working at Teambition, who opened source code of https://jianliao.com yesterday. As I heard the news, I was confused first but very quickly accepted that. I send a post on http://react-china.org since my old workmate didn't do that, and got 2.5k visits in one day. Also some of my friends retweeted it on Weibo and got a lot attractions. Now that repo has 700+ stars and landed on GitHub trending https://github.com/jianliaoim/talk-os .

Things could be a little strange to English developers. Jianliao is acutally a Chinese name and we talked a lot about Jianliao in Chinese React community a lot since I was maintaining the Weibo account and Forum of Chinese React community. I spent nearly two years working on Jianliao based on React. This is the most I can get so far.

Jianliao was following steps about Immutable data, Elm, react-hot-loader and Redux and also made some innovations by inventing our own toolkits and you can find them on GitHub:

  • react-lite-layered our own modal solution for better support of transitions, but it's recently deprecated since I was exploring on react-stacked-modal
  • actions-recorder a minimal implementation of Redux with a different actions DevTools
  • router-view I noticed the problem of react-router after trying Redux and created this library from scratch for better uni-directional data flow
  • react-lite-uploader simple wrapper upon FileAPI to fit it with React components

and some other small components, you may find all of them on https://github.com/jianliaoim/ .

I wrote tens of posts on https://segmentfault.com/blog/jiyinyiyong and gave several talks to introduce React to many Chinese React developers. React is still hard in making large single page apps and we made a lot efforts.

People are more familiar with https://discordapp.com which is built with React and JSX. I think Jianliao was using React earlier in September 2014, and finished removing Backbone in February 2015. I consider Jianliao more pure using CoffeeScript and implementing our own toolkits to fill the gaps between React and real world. But I'm not experienced as Dan is, my code is always simplified than that and lack of compatibility to wider range of scenarios.

The open sourced repo contains both server side and client side of Jianliao, its README and docs is in Chinese and currently not complete. Besides React and CoffeeScript there are also techniques that need to point out: Express.js , MongoDB, Redis, Axon, Webpack, elasticsearch, etc. We had more than ten developers working on Webapp, Node.js , iOS and Android. And a lot of memories.

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