Keep moving forward - You can do it!

This is an article and inspirations I've just written on my blog and I hope that this will come in help to keep everyone going, no matter what their goal or big dreams are in life. If I can become a junior full stack developer, anyone can!

I have meant to update the website for quite some time, but have been busy focusing on the MEAN and Python stack, and between technologies.

I wanted to write this article for inspiration and motivation for others. I’ve had so many people over the years who have told me, I can’t do this because of “XYZ”, lacking the experience or qualifications.

At 16, I already had been working with HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver and Fireworks and I knew I wanted to be in web development, but at this period of my life I lacked the confidence and could not grasp PHP or MySQL.

Midway at 18, I landed my first position with Flat Rock Technology, A startup web development company. It was 2008, and my manager told me that one day that I would need to pick one, frontend or backend web development…

At 21, I ended my college career by dropping my BTEC Level 3 Computing (two-year course). This was the second time I tried doing it, and I knew this was it, I would either sit here and rack up fees or I would find my time better by grabbing any kind of job and getting working experience.

I ended up taking a path I learned a lot but did not like in logistics, I loved the demanding activities but hated the stress. I soon found out that I also had certain traits that made me redundant on a few positions which were un-desirable to most employers.

Thankfully these specific traits are desired in Web development and Software Engineering, do to with thinking and learning compared to the average “joe”.

In 2015, I eventually settled down and had my daughter, and I thought while I had the time between raising my daughter that I would retrain back into web development.

It’s now 2018, I have trained and focused on becoming a junior full stack developer. I have spent the last year ditching WordPress and moving onto backend with the MEAN stack and Python, getting back on the ball and in the market.

One thing I’ve found is the more that someone has turned around and told me “you can’t do this”it only made me want to prove that person wrong and in return given me the motivation to prove them wrong.

Funny because, this part is a priceless memory, one very cherish to me. On the day of my signup for college, a tutor responsible for the BTEC level 2 computing told me because I didn’t have the GCSEs and I could not be put on this level of the course unless I had them…

Six weeks later.. after initially doing the “weeding course”.. I walked into this tutors class. The look on his face was of pure shock and priceless..! Several months later.. I was the only student in the entire year to receive the highest mark for that course (Distinction Star).

Maybe it was a maternal instinct that kicked in, but I wanted a better life and wanted to be a great example to my daughter in years to come. Proof that you can do what you want if you set out for it. It’s now or never.

Do what you want, do what you love. Yes, there are days like this evening, I wonder why my Node JS servers are not working, but in a few hours I would have solved this and got onto the next issue.

I wanted to do what I loved – not what was required to pay the bills. I wanted to be in IT and work with Architecture, and system engineering (passion), blueprints, code and still have an open mind at the end of the day to learn more.

If you have a closed mind to one thing, you will naturally shut off possibilities to other opportunities for learning.

If you have an open mind, anything is possible! Never think its impossible! I struggled to learn JavaScript but someone I know recommended Python. Since I’ve started learning the basics of Python, I have been able to start taking more JavaScript in.

I still am trying to pack in as many hours to Python and Django between the MEAN stack.

There might be some hair pulling moments, and you think… But you will get there. Give it time, you will work out the issue, overcome it and keep driving. The more you pursue it, slowly things will start coming together as a final product, solution or goal.

Just like a puzzle! Can’t you build a building without the materials right?

No matter what that person tells you… Keep on going… You will make it, you will achieve success, even if it takes you a thousand times.

If it doesn’t come to you, you must go out and find it or find another approach to it.

I hope this article, gives some inspiration to others that it might just give you the will power, encouragement and confidence to keep driving ahead.

For anyone who is in the UK (Just sometimes… A book is better than qualifications)..

I hold only the following qualifications:

  • BTEC Level 3 Computing (Part A) – Distinction
  • BTEC Level 2 Computing (Distinction star)
  • NCFE Level 1 Computing (pass – weeding course)
  • Level 1 English AQA (Functional skills)


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GrigMaximov's photo

Thank you for motivating post. I needed it right now. I'm 43 years old and I'm starting to learn web development.

Richard Uie's photo

"Live and learn" should have been "LEARN or DIE."

You CAN teach OLD dogs NEW tricks, IF they're SMART dogs. Best of all, SMART dogs will still know their OLD tricks. Keep learning.

Milica Maksimović's photo

I'd quote Dory from "Finding Nemo" here.

"Just keep swimming!"