Learning web development

I have been struggling with learning web development on and off for a little over two years, the biggest difficulty I've faced is keeping up momentum and consistency. So far I've built a couple of web pages on codepen using html, css and bootstrap following freecodecamp curriculum.

I am giving it another go, I believe I can do it.

So far I've struggled so hard with Javascript, it seems so abstract. I'm still not comfortable applying it to my code. However I've always wanted to learn React because of the idea of HTML + Javascript since I'm very comfortable with HTML so I recently delved into it. So far React has been decent, but I'm worried about running into problems since I'm lacking in javascript.

I would like recommendations on any resources that could help me understand javascript in a more practical sense and ease into the basics of React.

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Hi Tari.

I struggled to learn web dev for a couple years as well. It's a lot to learn, and the fact that you've kept at it this long is worth being proud of!

For resources, I recommend Kent C Dodds. He has done a lot in and for the React community, including creating a ton of blog posts, courses, and workshops, all around React, and Javascript. He even has a post specifically about what Javascript features you should know before learning React. I'd start there!

I am also willing to help answer any questions. You can find me here which has a link to my twitter. DMs always open.

Keep that momentum up!

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Learning web development

Thank you so much, Maxwell. I'm totally looking forward to joining the React community soon. I've just followed you on twitter and will definitely hit you up with questions when I come across something that doesn't make any sense to me ๐Ÿ˜„

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In that boat as well. I just keep trying. I think I get the furthest along when I build something. I follow tutorials for a bit and whatever they are building I build something I want alongside. Good luck!

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"Code Or Bust"

Tari Akinnukawe at first I tried to do something and kept going from one thing to another. To build a site I need html and css but then I need JavaScript and then I need to know git then GitHub and I went on and on getting nothing accomplished.

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Learning web development

This has been my experience as well, but I seem to be more productive when I do very small projects that can be completed in around a couple of days. I intend to commit to doing those kinds of projects every week and see how it goes john

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I would take my code away from codepen and save it at my desktop.. Whatever you are currently working at, save it on your computer's desktop, right at hand.

Own it!

Plus, saving it at codepen makes it look okay if it is just partial code.. when you save it as a full web page, you can watch your progress better, and think at the whole picture. Even if you start with just

<p>This is my first page</p>

Then, just work from there. Write some content, add Boostrap, style it, create a second page, link them together.. You can use Windows Notepad to edit your page, just save it with .html extension.

Download VScode or Atom to edit your code, place your HTML pages under the same directory at your computer's desktop, open the directory at one of these editors, and continue your progress.

I had the same difficulty understanding Javascript for a very long time, due to it being event-based. I wasn't sure what was being executed and when. Learned other languages before I went back to it, suddenly it became understandable after I followed a REACT course on Udemy.

After you rebuild and save your site on your local computer, as HTML+CSS, I suggest two things:

1) Publish it online, any free static site host will do. It could be motivating. 2) Give Gatsby a try. Clone a Gatsby starter site, follow their tutorials. You can later move to learning REACT (mixing REACT dynamic pages inside your gatsby site) and later yet go back to raw Javascript tutorials. Most people would tell you to first understand plain JavaScript, but somehow I only started understanding JavaScript while learning REACT. Now, if I search any JS solution, or use it raw at a website, I understand it easily, can't really explain why, feels like it should have always been so easy.

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Learning web development

This is such great advice, Thais! For some reason I've never actually thought about moving my code from codepen to my desktop, it's such a great and inspiring feelin, I feel like actually do own the code ๐Ÿ˜… I decided to brush up on the little I already know in javascript, learn the concepts I need to know that I don't already and move to React since I'm enjoying it so far. I hope to have more updates soon, Thanks a lot!

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I've been in your situation when I was a beginner and I felt the same. In 5 tips to become a better developer, I give some tips that I would like to receive when I started learning more about programming.

Try understanding how JavaScript works before giving React a try. I recommend you start learning how to use booleans, conditionals, repetition loops, functions, array methods, what is an object and how to improve your code using it, ES6, and object-oriented programming.

Yes, there is a lot of things to learn first ๐Ÿ˜…. But the first step is to know what you're just about to understand.

After learning more about the concepts above, you'll be able to create amazing applications using any framework!

A good website to learn more about JavaScript in small parts is samanthaming.com. And, in this article, I give some tips for beginners to code like a pro ๐Ÿค“!

If you need any additional help, feel free to contact me via Instagram (@blogdolipe.com.br) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Learning web development

Samantha Ming is amazing, I will definitely be taking this advice and checking out the links you mentioned here. Thank you so much!