Looking for a TypeScript/npm guru to help me out

Hi there,

I'm busy building a frontend (actually a few of them) in TypeScript using lit-html.

I've created a Kotlin Multiplatform project that generates JavaScript with TypeScript headers, that part is working fine


The TypeScript project(s) rendering UIs using lit-html is working fine too.

I'm having a really hard time getting the TypeScript projects to make use of the generated Kotlin JS file with its TypeScript headers. The TypeScript project is using Parcel with a standard npm setup, i just don't have a lot of experience with the npm ecosystem.

So what i'm looking for is a full day of someone's time at their preferred rate with experience setting up build scripts, package.json files, etc.

Send me an email on jan (at) jvaas (dot) com or message me here, then i can send you some sample code, all i want is for the generated JS + TS to work in the TypeScript + lit-html project.

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Cracked the issue, turns out the generated TypeScript needs a bit of mangling for it to import into my other project