Looking for potential JS stack helping to build up a simple trade platform

My intention is to build up a trading application that can potentially have following features

  • User account
  • Admin account
  • Users can create a Buy/Sell offer on a currency pair
  • Users can add bids on a currently available Buy/Sell offer
  • Real time price matching
  • Reports in admin and user accounts
  • Quote monitoring
  • No need to have access to online payment methods (IT’s demo for the moment)

I’m assuming in the future application will be heavily updating by changes in DB which means a heavy scale up will be needed as more traffic is directed to the website. So a question to experts and experienced developers here. What is your suggestions on a proper JS stack that can help building such a trade application which could benefit the most from ready modules and packages in every step of development cycle? Since I have no good experience with any other server side languages like PHP or Python I prefer to cope to a full JS stack client and server sides for the moment. I've some techs in mind but in order not to bias the responses I decided not to include them in the discussion yet.

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