Modules in JavaScript confusion

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Thats not meant to be run on client side. For commonJS, check for instance rollup or Browserify.


But, I have thought about this bundler issue for an enterprise project that has to work ie10+. I wanted to support latest ES6 stuff like promises but also fallback to rAF if necessary without any transpilation + build time. You can run this script like this:

    var abc = function()
        let airPlane = {};
        airPlane.myAirPlane = "StarJet";
        taskq.export(airPlane,"airPlane");//export it airPlane with a alias
    abc._taskqId = "abc"; //give it an id
    taskq.push(abc);//push to queue, it will be automatically executed when conditions are right
    var abcd = function(airPlane){
        function displayAirplane(){
    abcd._taskqId = "abcd";
    abcd_taskqWaitFor = ["abc"]; /*an array of ids that this function should wait before it executes*/

then in your html:

<script src="abc.js" async></script>
<script src="abcd.js" async></script>

The above order of scripts does NOT matter, put them anywhere you like.


Check for taskq in npm or in my github. I have a new version which takes a bit longer to sort the dependency tree (~1ms, but more stable), I will upload it soon. You are also able to make dynamic imports that respects the queue order, which I will not explain here for clarity.