My Experience In #DevC30DaysOfCode

It is one thing to participate in any challenge and its another thing to gain/learn a lot from it.

#DevC30DaysOfCode challenge is indeed a very remarkable one.

I indicated interest to participate in this challenge and some its benefits motivated me the more. It started on 20th April and as the challenge demands, I committed at least 1 hour every day in learning and as well as making a post on the Facebook Developer Circle: Aba group.

I'd use Java for Android development but for this challenge, I decided to learn Kotlin and I started out with some Pluralsight free courses on Kotlin which introduced me to its foundation since its my first time using the language.

The DevCAba community was really of great help in terms of support and encouragement. I was opportuned to be among the top 3 active people in the 1st & 2nd week of this challenge and we won some prizes respectively.

This taught me more about what dedication and commitment entails and even after this challenge, I will continue in this might in both learning and build some projects in what I have learnt so far. Some of the stuffs I did in this challenge can be found on GitHub.

The challenge ended on 19th May and I really appreciate the DevCAba community for this opportunity and to anyone reading this article, you can achieve whatever you want, only if you set your mind on it and whenever challenge(s) like this comes your way, try to grab the opportunity and make good use of it.

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