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My first Post

My first Post

Tomás Acuña Ruz's photo
Tomás Acuña Ruz
·Aug 20, 2020·

4 min read

Hello everyone, I'm Tom!

This my first article and I have been thinking along time ago to start building my site to share my personal feeling or contribution to the world.

I hope to start give a littler bit of what I have learning in this last couple of year in Open sources and Remote Sensing analysis.


I'm a Natural Resources Eng. which has specialized in Applied Geomatics and Cloud Computing to create intelligence tools to take betters decisions.

What about me?

I start like a environmental data scientist of plants, I truly love botanic and the vegetation worlds, which make me feel so alive at field work describing any species that I cross over. Then suddenly I understand that I do not have the memory and skills to remember more than 300 species of plant... was crazy. I get buried and start to search what else could motive my curiosity. That year I get my crush, satellite remote sensing, a geomatic discipline that use sensors to monitor the world with spectral bands. Of course, I rapidly understand that I can describe entire ecosystem and landscapes based on the vegetation spectral patterns or any kind of spectral response, more or less, the % of light absorbed by plants.


From this starting point, I start to manage satellite images of Landsat images, a something like 200 GB of data in my old windows notebook of 8 GB RAM of the 2014. Extracting patterns, spectral responds of any objects and spectral classification made my date.


From Data Scientist to Informatics

As a non formal informatics, it's has been a big challenge to understand this complex world of coding in cloud, tracking bugs and understanding strange stuff like NGINX and related. Perhaps someone else also has ask himself, - what the F$@# I'm doing managing 20 servers-.

When I take the big challenge when I was pay to start a small application of remote sensing of pasture with satellite information. The data was almost ready, the analysis too, we just have one problem, how can I deploy this on the www?

Say hello to Shiny.

A :package: to create dashboard and stuff purely in R. As my first post in the web, I need to give thanks to two guys that mentoring my early developer stage.

Some of my apps goes here

Best !