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My Journey to Become a Developer

Ahmet Meliksah Akdeniz's photo
Ahmet Meliksah Akdeniz
·Jan 30, 2022·

2 min read

Hello fellow developers! I am going to document my journey as a self-taught developer from this day. These blog posts will perhaps motivate me when I feel down and hopefully, it will motivate other upcoming developers (especially self-taught because it is darn hard) too. Here we go.

My background

A quick glance at who I am. I have got a bachelor's degree as an English major/at Payap University. I have already spent quite some time coding (roughly... 7 months). At the moment, I am learning React on Scrimba (free version) and Node.js on Patika.dev(content is all in Turkish in Patika). I also make use of a Udemy course called Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp 2022 by Jonas Schmedtmann. I bought his JavaScript course too. I already built several small projects, yet I am not confident in my skills to apply for jobs.

Currently, What I am Doing

I won a seat in a free coding bootcamp. Let me explain their system precisely. Kodluyoruz and Patika.dev (sibling platforms) partner up with companies and launch coding bootcamps, most of the companies hire multiple bootcamp graduates once the bootcamp is done. They select bootcamp trainees among hundreds of people through an application form, technical test and an interview. My bootcamp is launched by Patika.dev and Logo Cyber Security- full stack development (JavaScript, VueJS, NodeJS).

My Plan

Making Projects

Throughout the bootcamp we will have a lot of tasks and small projects and a capstone project. For all of these, I will give my best, however, I am planning to team up with a couple of other trainees and make a side project together. So, in the end I will have a project that I developed with other trainees and capstone project. I believe this will strengthen my Github account.

Documenting Journey

I will document what I learn every single day. Although I have classes only on Sundays for the bootcamp, I code every day, so I learn every day. I will post about React, (and maybe Vanilla JavaScript) and NodeJS. As a self-taught developer (actually who is becoming one) I know how hard it is to understand some concepts. So, I will do my best to explain them as simply as possible.