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My website allows guest/anonymous users to upload content. What is a way that I can allow them to edit this content without having to create a account?


I'd at least make them type in an e-mail address if they want to edit. Generate an authorization code for editing, and send it to them that way. OR just display the edit authorization code when they create the file, they lose that code, well... that's their fault.

Any other method -- sessions, cookies, localstorage -- isn't portable or permanent.

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Gijo Varghese Basically what Mark said. He calls it a token... people also call them hashes, passwords, whatever. A unique randomly generated sequence of characters that you use to authorize the access.He and I said the same thing, we just used different terminology.

You could either have them enter a e-mail to have it sent to them, or simply display it on screen, or even put up two different URL's -- one for showing it, one for editing it.

I rarely suggest using JavaScript for "Add bookmark" methods, but this is a case where the technique would be a nice enhancement. Show the edit token as a URI with a button next to it for bookmarking.

You could even once it is uploaded go straight to the edit page for it, giving them the chance to bookmark the edit page URI.

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