My website allows guest/anonymous users to upload content. What is a way that I can allow them to edit this content without having to create a account?

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Another idea, which may require too much effort on the part of the user, is to show a unique token or url for each uploaded piece of content. The user can choose to store this and use it to edit the content.

Advantages: it's more anonymous, since there are no cookies to track users, and you can't even track which pieces of content are uploaded by the same user. The tokens also persist after clearing cookies or even reinstalling the PC.

Disadvantages: it's clearly quite some effort for the user to keep track of all the tokens.

P.s. it sounds like may use your service to upload nsfw or copyrighted content.... But maybe that's the point.

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Good one!

If a user wants to stay anonymous and not give any info (other than the fact that all actions are of course stored together with their ip addresses), they understand that they will have just one shot at storing that url / code somewhere themselves. But that's also exactly the point; give control to the user.

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Given the lengths mentioned in other answers, it might be worth adding that the token should be longer than 4 characters. It can just be 32 because people will just copy-paste or bookmark it anyway, nobody is going to remember even 6 random characters per upload, why make it short?

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