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Novi Builder Is Developer’s Best Buddy

If you are a developer who has many projects, you know how hard it is to handle everything at once. Well, lucky you, because today I am going to tell you about the ultimate tool that significantly eases you hard job. So are you excited? Then let’s begin!

Novi HTML Visual Editor Is the Way to Go

novi panel.jpg As you have probably guessed, this very tool is Novi Builder, so let us figure out what exactly Novi is. Basically, Novi is an HTML visual editing tool , which is aimed to make the process of building websites much simpler and faster. So it is a real-time code editor that literally transforms struggling with coding into pleasure.

What Exactly Can Novi Builder Do for You

Well, it seems like everything about Novi is great, but let me uncover some more details of this HTML visual editor. So here are some things you can do with Novi Builder:

  • make landing pages with pre-made HTML templates in less than an hour;
  • create multi-page websites by adding new pages with Page Manager;
  • sell the templates you made with this very tool;
  • use pre-designed HTML templates for free. In general, Novi Builder will save you the whole bunch of time and money as well.

    Novi Features

    So I guess it’s the very time to move to the most important part, which is features. In fact, Novi Builder comes with a quite decent set of features such as:

  • Drag and Drop Visual Editor;

  • icons and Fonts Manager;
  • context Menu;
  • page Manager;
  • media Library;
  • presets Library;
  • resolution Preview. All these features are aimed to make the experience of building any website simple, fast, and just delightful. Here is some more information about Novi Builder features.

    Novi Builder Pricing Plans

novi pricing.jpg Are you considering getting Novi? Then let’s have a look at its pricing plans. Basically, there are three pricing plans: Startup, Advanced, and Developer, so let us check out each of them. Besides, the company uses secure payment methods such as MasterCard, Visa, or PayPal, so you can be sure that your money is safe. In addition to that, you can cancel your subscription any time and get your money back, if you haven’t downloaded anything from the library yet.

Try Novi for Free

novi-builder-developer-html-view.png The cool thing about Novi is the fact that you can try it for free in order to figure out whether it would work for you or not. So if you are interested in checking out this very tool, go to .

Final Word

In my modest opinion, Novi Builder is a pretty useful visual editor that can make any developer’s life so much easier. The tool is easy in use and makes coding rather delightful. Besides, there are lots of fancy HTML templates included in the membership. So stop struggling with coding and make fully functional websites in just a couple of hours with Novi HTML visual editor .

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