onmessage in Server Side Events is not working. Can someone please help?

Please take a look at the following code:

function connect(){
        var source = new EventSource("geters/notifications.php");
        source.onmessage= function(event){
            if(event.data != ""){
    } else {
        alert("event source does not work in this browser, author a fallback technology");

alert(3) didn't show up!

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Are you sure about your spelling? Shouldn't

var source = new EventSource("geters/notifications.php");

rather be

var source = new EventSource("getters/notifications.php"); ("getters" with two t) ?

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I don't think on the server side env you can use window.eventSource.

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Hi "Peace Be Upon You", <br /> concerning 'onmessage in Server Side Events', i had the same problem too, But i found out that problem is with Server side code not client. <br /> Take a look at this simple demo i have made:<br /> github.com/n4j1Br4ch1D/onmessage-in-Server-.. <br /> I hope it solves Your Problem.