Programming Makes You Smarter - Do you agree?

It takes really good patience and brain power to build solutions. So, even if someone is not a developer, do you think they should learn a bit of coding and practise problems just to make sure their problem solving skills improve? In other words, do you agree with the statement that coding makes you smarter?

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Tapas Adhikary's photo

Hmm.. Smarter? I would prefer it to be called as Skilled.

I don't think, Programming is the way to be smarter, it rather makes you Skillful. Even if someone is not in Programming or development, they might be doing lots better in problem solving in their respective areas/domains. Not being a Programmer/Developer hardly makes them 'Stupid' 😄.

Liyas Thomas's photo

Wow thats a biased question. I know programmers who are foolish af as well as those who are smart af. I doubt programming alone will make someone smarter.

Zanna Kyari's photo

yes I agree that its makes you thinking while solving the problem

John Cullen's photo

It makes me feel like an idiot when I use an anon func and attempt to return a JSON like () => {"data": true}.

Siddharth Vishvanath (Sid)'s photo

Yeah it makes you smart. But as a developer there are much more tougher problems that comes which can seem to be unsolvable. At those times, if you solve the common interview questions you can actually find out a solution for the old problem.