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Rest in peace Joe Armstrong, you will be missed.

Joe Armstrong died today.

He is someone I really looked up to, someone I respect a ton, I think he has been one of the greatest contributers to our field since Alan Turing. His loss is a tremendous blow to software developers everywhere, my heart goes out to his friends and family right now.

Very few developers have the ability to make a dent on our practices. Your the founder of message passing, designer of Erlang, shaped Don Syme's design for F#

Rest in peace my friend, you did great work, you were a true functional programming brother, and you will be missed.

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Joseph S Stevens

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RIP, Joe Armstrong. He'll be missed.

Programmers should get the congressional medal for creating employment.
- Joe Armstrong

We really are in a mess :( Its a real thing, and like, Erlang hasn't taken off yet. We are so screwed

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With my team, we often organize watch’n learn sessions. It’s like a lunch’n learn, but nobody has to prepare anything, we just display great conf talks. (Lunch’n learn are nice, but require time to prepare) When I learnt about it yesterday, I immediately decided that we should honour him and keep his ideas alive, and next week, our next session will be a Joe Armstrong talk.

I want to share this one, which I already watched a few times and always find interesting.

Goto Chicago 2018 : The Do's and Don'ts of Error Handling • Joe Armstrong

And as a community, we could do the same. I would love to see which talks he did that inspired you. Please comment and share below. Even if he’s no longer with us, he’ll still have an impact on us for a long while!

I hadn't seen this one, thank you for sharing. Joe was an absolutely inspiring individual. I wonder if there are more videos he did

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RIP, Joe Armstrong

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