Server side debugging in MERN?

Hello. As I said in another questions, MERN is cool. In general, I am .NET, ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core developer, who wants to discover something new. And I am used to good IDE and debugging tools (provided by Visual Studio).

I want to be able to debug server-side ES6 code (API code) in IDE. For all my experiments in Node.js I am using WebStorm. How can I debug server side of MERN in this IDE (or in another IDE)?

When I played with Angular I used this template and I have spent a lot of time to set up debugging process of server-side in WebStorm using source-maps and gulp. Result of my work is here. It was hard for me. And it will be another bunch of work to set up the same in MERN. Of course I do not want to do this))

Do you know some tricks to set up debugging using MERN? What do you use for that purpose?

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