Share OAuth2 access token between subdomains

I have a bunch of subdomains:,,, and The reports site, by default, displays some basic reports (i know, duh).

Now if a user logs in to the dashboard via the auth page (hosted on the dashboard and auth subdomains, respectively), i want to display a bit more data. The trick is that both the dashboard and the report site is a PSA that fetches data from the API. The report endpoint of the API optionally accepts an OAuth2 token and, if present and has the necessary access rights, will respond with the extended data set.

The question is, how should i share the access token? Storing the token in a non-HttpOnly cookie (i can始t use a HttpOnly cookie since the data exchange happens in AJAX requests). Is there a better way?

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OK, reading my own question after i solved this problem is kind of embarrassing, given how easy the solution is. I fell in the X-Y problem trap.

I始m doing OAuth2 here. That means different consumers of the API ( can, and actually should have different access tokens, all obtained from the authorisation server (

I始m glad this question didn始t get too much exposure 馃榿