Show me cool, obscure languages!

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There is no D language on your list. It's something C++ should be, but failed, i.e. better, object-oriented C. I recommend reading some basic language tour to see what can be achieved if your main goal is not to be backwards compatible to 1980s.

Unfortunately, it's not widely known or used. This is mostly due some bad decisions of language core team some years ago (they were two separate standard libraries in D1, but one of them was killed in D2 and people did not like that). Because of that, it lost some trust from early adopters. Another problem is that it's hard to say to whom is the language addressed - some part of ecosystem is written like C++ while the other more like Ruby.

I hope to see it get some well-deserved visibility some day in the future.

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it's not widely known or used

That's why its not on the list :-) But a good mention! I actually looked into D a bit, but settled on Rust.

I do like languages such as D and Kotlin for showing the downsides of backward compatibility.

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Yeah, I wish I had bet on Rust when I was looking into both of them some time ago ;)