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Speedup front end web development workflow with Meteorjs and Google :Resizer tool

Speedup front end web development workflow with Meteorjs and Google :Resizer tool

Vishnu Dileesh's photo
Vishnu Dileesh
·Jul 1, 2016

Front end web developers work with various frameworks and libraries and a lot of others tools like gulp or similar for speeding the process. And to be able to setup a work environment you are comfortable around is of a pain.

Recently i came around Meteorjs which is a complete platform for creating web and mobile apps. It changed the workflow and have speedup the process.

I use frameworks and libraries which require jquery, and have no worries of adding jquery from cdn or as the project file as meteor js comes builtin with jquery.

Am also a wide user of libraries like Materialize/Bootstrap and normalize, meteorjs makes the process simple enough to a single line command. Meteor has a community package manager called Atmosphere. It is a well maintained one with lots of packages simple enough to use with just a single line of command in the terminal.

In simple, meteor makes the process of adding third party libraries and frameworks simple enough to fasten the development process.

Its needy for front end developers to test the site as they code. You had to hack around tools like livereload and text editor to get the live reloading of your site as you code before Meteor appeared. With meteor you dont have to add any extra bells and whistles to get the feature. Meteor comes built in with the feature and you could see the results getting updated in real time as you code.

And with front end developers comes the responsibility of making the site as responsible as possible in all devices. It would be of great help if you could see the responsibility as you code. Google recently released a tool named Resizer , for web developers which just does that. Resizer combined with metoer could give you the real time visual results of your site along with responsiveness.