streaming video & Screen recording live to the backend server

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live uploading? well that would most likely be a buffered stream where you grap the stream via proxy and save it according to a certain API key so you can grab the meta informations. would be one way in combination with

that's at least how i did the live streaming. about the buffering and stream grabbing

you can actually do it with

I just dabbled with this the last time I wrote a streaming plattform for videos has been quite a while and we mainly converted the videos into different formats and provided the SaaS for it.

I hope this helps.

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shekar Reddy usually you give an API key that is mapped in the request stream. you define one API key per user and generate the nginx config automatically. the rest is basically via nginx a configuration template.

so your backend generates an API key (which is the key that is allowed with the nginx url

that would be my straight forward attempt. so you applications would mainly write the configuration for the servers and connects them to the user paths.

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Good post, I just got started using Mixer (cause faster than light tech), Twitch (for clips), and youtube API's (for data and video stuff)... with discord (for simplicity and voice).

I couldn't find anything simple so I'm just experimenting and filling in the blanks as I go