The all-new Hashnode Chrome extension

With the start of the new year, new team members, new features, and new product(s), we here at Hashnode are working hard to bring in all that we can, starting with the Hashnode Chrome extension.

This is the first of many open source Hashnode products. This is the first feature that uses the Hashnode API, which we'll make public in the coming months.

The Google Chrome extension for Hashnode is simple and minimal. It just allows you to see the hot & trending stories and discussions in one click, so that you can access them quickly. Obviously, this won't be all, but this is a stepping stone for something better.

The Chrome extension will be opening doors to the open source products of Hashnode as this itself is an open source product. It is new, so feel free to send your feedback, suggestions and feature request our way. Better yet, feel free to contribute a feature!

I'll be writing one more post on the development side of this extension. Stay tuned. Till then, fork the repo.

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