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The right questions

Can Ürek's photo
Can Ürek
·Sep 8, 2021·

2 min read

Everyone is writing some things about software development and architectural patterns. Most of these are copy-paste contents. And these are getting likes from people, and I can't understand this.

Do you read your content after you wrote it? I'm wondering about that.

If you hadn't known anything about these topics, also probably you really don't, would you have learned anything after reading your content?

Can you imagine yourself like other people who don't know these topics? Maybe you don't need to do this. :)

The question of why; is more important than the question of how.

This is my main thought about everything.

I will try to explain.

Let's think about lessons in schools, for example, math.

Teachers are generally giving you basic definitions about topics and starting to solving some problems with students.

In my opinion, If you want to learn or teach some things, you have to answer these questions. Teachers and students, this is valid for both of them.

  • Why do we need to use these?
  • What can we do with these?
  • Where can we use these?
  • When and why people had to need to find and used these in history?
  • These were had solved which problems?
  • etc.

And finally, you can search for an answer to the question of how.

People are mostly focusing on the how question as directly. But this approach is wrong and meaningless. And this is causing failures.

If you want the pieces to fall into place, I think you should have an approach, as I mentioned.

And I want to say this to content writers. Don't pretend like you know topics. If you don't know, don't write. Do not contribute to the Internet turning into garbage.

I'll try to follow this approach when I will share some things.

Until then, best wishes.