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TRANSITIONING INTO THE TECH SPACE-What You Need To Know About Being a Tech Newbie.

Yup, you read that right, if you are new in the industry or thinking of switching careers to a more technology inclined one, then this is the article for you. I stumbled into the tech industry with nothing but sheer bravery and a degree in Finance. As long as you are open to re-inventing yourself, anything is possible. Eleven (11) months ago, I was like a fish out of water in a world completely new to me in every way and was the only woman on my web development team (I have an awesome support system in my team by the way). Presently, I am a certified Technical Search Engine Optimization Analyst and Wordpress web Developer with experience in content development, web analytics and design of user interfaces. You can find my portfolio Here . I simply want to share some tips that helped me in my transition into the tech space. I believe these few but relevant points can help someone or someone you know.

Do It Afraid: this sounds cliché but true, JUST DO IT. Take on those projects you feel you are too inexperienced to take, learn that programming language you feel is too difficult. Real growth does not happen in your comfort zone. The fear in itself should not stop you, do it regardless. Understand your growth is a process.

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Join a Community: being self-taught is okay, but you cannot really grow in isolation, be part of a community of like-minded people; especially in the field you want to go into can be very beneficial. Communities can be a source of inspiration, motivation and even collaborations.

Consume relevant material: as little as this sounds, it’s a game changer; make a conscious effort to feed on material from various thought leaders in the tech field you want to go into. Even if it’s five minutes a day. As long as you are consistent, it will have tremendous impact; from blogposts to research papers even Twitter threads have knowledge embedded in them

Record your Progress: maintain a system of keeping track of your progress/improvements. Journaling, blogging or even vlogging can go a long way in achieving this. Something that you can look back on to remind you if and when you get exhausted or discouraged.

Do not be afraid to ask Questions: as simple as this sounds, many people are afraid to do it, asking questions does not make you less smart; in fact; you just might be surprised at the answers you would get. Choosing not to ask questions for fear of being judged is a form of pride you must let go of if you want to grow. Have an open mind, it is more rewarding than you think. Also, sometimes, we are scared of asking questions because we do not want to be perceived as "dull". Ask those questions hunnay; your growth matters.

Change your Perception on Mistakes: I had to learn this along the way, mistakes do not mean you are not good enough; they simply mean you can improve your current position. Even the best of developers can be stuck on fixing a code for hours. Do not be scared to start over correctly if need be.

Lastly, what I hope to leave you with authentic; have a very realistic understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and how to improve them. For example, are you bad at time management? work with a checklist, noticed a programming language you are having a hard time with? Put more work into it. It's not about being the best developer; but it is how consistent and committed you are to growing.


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