Virtual DOM based App shell rendering

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May be you can answer me why use Virtual DOM, what exactly it gives me? I don't want to hear another over 9000th time that it will boost my frotnend or DOM manipualtion perfomance. Whenever I write Vanilla JS, it is always faster then any abstraction on top of it, I am also using much less device resources, CPU and RAM + code is tens of times smaller then React.

It will somehow boost the performance of DOM updates, but the cost is the heavy computation to find the minimal DOM changes. At the end it's slower sometimes, compared to other well designed solutions. However, it will make people build apps faster by introducing things like virtual DOM, components, HMR, isomorphic rendering. As you business grow, your code in vanilla JavaScript tend to be buggy and it may become harder to recruit new members to maintain such code. Yeah, your opinion is partly right, since everything comes with costs.

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