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Hello everyone!

So I had a quick question about comment colors:

I have a file right now with about 2000 lines of code .... and huge sections are blocked out so scanning through to find sections can be difficult. huge chunks are blocked out with "/(asterisks)/ " and then, within the blocks, I have written my comments with // .

So I am wondering if there is a way to have // comments ( even when nested in /(asterisks)/ blocks ) colored differently to stand out amongst all of this blocked out grey ?

Thank you !!

ps. sorry I did not understand how to input asterisks

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Hmm if there is something like that, I've never seen it. I think things between /* */ are just comments, and there's not usually a distinction between comments and comments-within-comments.

In general I would recommend to

1) Make sure your code is in VCS like git. 2) Delete instead of comment out code that isn't used, unless you're sure it's temporary.

Because commented-out code keeps piling on and really doesn't help readability of your code.

If you change your mind you can get it back from the history.