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Hey! I have just started working with Gatsby and setup my website with the Netlify CMS. I wanted to move my blog which is currently hosted on Medium to Netlify.

I wanted to understand if there's an easy way to manage the same?

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This is a great example of some tooling to export content from Medium over to something more ...JAMstacky.

I've seen a few similar to Mathieu's excellent project emerging, and something I really like is that even though many of them might target a specific static site generator or framework as their destination, they typically take the first step of grabbing the content from a Medium export, and formatting it into something suitable for a static site generator to consume.

Once content is extracted and help as markdown files, or xml, or json, or yaml... there are wonderfully broad possibilities for the static site generator you might wish to use to consume them.

Data portability FTW!

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Along that theme, I just learned about an awesome project enabling students to keep learning blogs they own completely by leveraging static site generators and Netlify CMS. This means they can take their content with them (and host it easily for free) after they finish school.


This portability and freedom has always been one of my favorite things about the JAMstack. If "web 2.0" was about user-generated content, then whatever web number we're on now (๐Ÿ˜œ) is definitely about user-owned content!