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What are the things that you look for when you choose a candidate for a job post?

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Documentation engineer at Netlify

Of course some of what we're looking for will vary from job to job. We do our best to be clear about what skills and experience we're looking for in each job description we write. In general, though, we're big on collaboration, and we communicate a lot, so we look for people who demonstrate an ability to give and receive feedback with care and empathy, to reflect on their actions and be open to learning, and to share their thoughts and process as they solve problems and hit stumbling blocks.

In an application, one thing we usually look for is a thoughtful cover letter. It doesn't have to be fancy (don't worry if English isn't your strong suit!), but if you take the time to help us connect the dots and show us how your experiences and passions match our needs, we'll pay attention! We're thoughtful about finding a good fit, and if you show us that you thought about that, too (and didn't just use a blind shotgun approach), it means a lot.