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Hi all, two things I think about a lot when using Netlify:

  • I feel like your pricing structure doesn't make much sense. Even with the $45 tier there's no uptime SLA? Also, maybe consider another tier between Starter and Pro. We get tremendous value from the free tier, which I'm grateful for, but I'd be happy spend $10 or $20 to get a little more.
  • Brotli support. It was mentioned in January that it's coming but there wasn't any concrete plans or dates revealed. Has anything changed on this front? I've set it up on my DigitalOcean sites and it's made a big difference. As the comment mentions on this thread (github.com/netlify/ask-netlify/issues/24), could we commit .br files to the repo and then have them properly served as a solution until the build process gets worked out?

Thanks! Carl

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Hey Carl!

Re: Pricing- Uptime SLA's are supported via our Enterprise ADN, which is engineered for greater resiliency and greater performance than our standard network. Customers can always upgrade capabilities from their starter plan with things like additional seats ($15/user), additional bandwidth ($20/100gb) or advanced forms capabilities ($19/mo) - just to name a few.

Re: Brotli support- we currently have an feature request issue open for this, when we get to it depends a bit on some other pieces of our product roadmap and when we can staff it. Sorry I can't give a better answer than that, we agree it would be great! In terms of you committing .br files- we won’t automatically add the right headers for brotli even if the user compresses the files themselves. And while you can add your own custom headers, we don’t allow you to use conditionals in _headers or nelify.toml for headers and serve the brotli files if the user agent requesting the files supports it. So, not at the moment, no, but likely in the future.