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Hey everyone, thanks for the AMA!

What's the next big thing coming to Netlify?

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Hey Miguel!

Oooo this is a good one... I'm not at liberty to say exactly what it is, but we're planning on announcing something we hope you'll love in July at JAMstack conf London! Aside from this shiny new feature, we're also working on getting some great existing features out of beta and making them even better, more flexible, and higher potential for productivity, like Netlify dev! (where you can use a CLI use Netlify locally and even share live links with your coworkers before deploying :) )

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Documentation engineer at Netlify

As a documentation engineer, the next big thing that I'm excited about is a makeover for our docs! We've been working on re-organizing topics based on user research, ad we're also building out a beautiful new site for them to live in. We're hoping to have them all ready by the end of summer, maybe sooner. :)