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Thanks for the AMA.

I have some questions:

  1. How anyone of you shares his experience with others at work? Do you make some meetings at lunch time to explain new things that you learn in a conference or something ambiguous for some team members?

  2. How do you guarantee the progress of your product or company according to customers requirements and the competitive products that exists nowadays?

  3. What are the process that you use to evaluate a developer during a year in order to get promotion?

  4. According to your requirements and your experience, what are the things that you look for when you recruit software engineers? (You look for the number of year of experience first then the technologies that he used if they fit with your requirements or not? If yes, you don't think that there is no technology will be adopted forever due the birth of different languages and technologies every year and hiring someone who is experimented with X framework today could not be a good person when you will change your framework after x years?)

  5. How do you stay motivated at work :p ?

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dx @ netlify

  1. i prefer to write. if its small it can just be a slack message, but i also do internal blogposts and postmortems mobile.twitter.com/swyx/status/110301026815..

  2. nobody can "guarantee" it. but we can try to just pay attention to user needs :)

  3. above my paygrade

  4. good question, i dont think many of us believe in a strict number of years requirement, but of course it correlates with relevant experience and ability (and pay 😅).

  5. the most motivating thing is helping users and responding to their pain points. i also get to write blogposts and do talks which is motivating on its own.

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We do lunch and learns at Netlify quite regularly. These are great opportunities to share what we’ve been working on with the rest of the team in a pretty informal setting. There’s also a product demo meeting biweekly where we get to share and also hear from others on the team and what they’ve been working on. It’s a great way to sync up esp since so many of us are remote!

  2. This is tough, as swyx mentioned, nothing is guaranteed. But in general users power a lot of decisions we make :) 


We usually do yearly reviews and that’s oftentimes when this evaluation happens. Since we’re still early stage, this process hasn’t yet been formalized but will be very very soon! If you’re interested in general career progression at other companies that we kinda sorta emulate, check out progression.fyi

  4. Number of years isn’t a great way to evaluate candidates. I’ve seen developers with 10 years of experience who are not as “up to par” as a developer of 3-5 years or experience for instance. It’s all relative. Having said that, we do look at what you’ve worked on/have been working on and try to gauge if a candidate is enthusiastic about a specific area of expertise. Also, if they’re willing to learn and adapt quickly. This is hard to gauge but a coworker of mine Jacob Schatz puts it so well in this tweet -> twitter.com/jakecodes/status/11356776100532..

For me motivation is tied directly to whether or not a task resonates with my own goals and aspirations. Sarah puts this so well in this tweet-> twitter.com/sarah_edo/status/11314240767261..