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What fun project/tool did you discover recently? Also, is there a tool you use that not a lot of people have heard about, but they should 😃

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Documentation engineer at Netlify

I recently stumbled on colorsafe.co and really like it!

I'd already been using tools for checking contrast ratio to make sure my color choices pass WCAG accessibility standards. (Lea Verou's contrast-ratio.com is my longtime favorite.)

But what I like about colorsafe.co is that it gives you a quick click interface for choosing colors. I find it especially handy for quickly picking slide deck colors - because not only are high-contrast color combinations good for accessibility, they also make your slides look better on projector screens in bright rooms!

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Developer Advocate

I too came across zzz.dog and it is amazingly fun! I've seen examples of people using it alongside React Spring for instance to create really neat 3D renders and animations. You can find lots of those examples on Codepen.

Also Josh Comeau wrote a wonderful post complete with code snippets to explain using CSS 3D transforms, which was incredibly mind blowing. joshwcomeau.com/posts/folding-the-dom