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What is the most exciting thing about working at Netlify? What is the most challenging thing that you are working on atm?

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Some of the exciting things we're working on are a secret for the time being 🤫 (we'll be announcing one of those really exciting things at JAMstack London!) but something they all have in common is that it is sometimes very complicated to make something feel simple! It really pays off because it makes everything feel more intuitive, which means you need less docs, and things to explain how it works. But what's funny about it is the final product is so simple, it looks like there's not a lot of effort involved!

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Developer Experience, Netlify

Nodding along pretty aggressively to Sarah's reply.

For me, one of the biggest challenges is in choosing what to focus on first. It feels like a really exciting time not just for Netlify, but also for the JAMstack as a category, which is wonderful, but I sometime find it hard to decide which opportunity to focus on. Especially when they are all so compelling.