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Your pricing model. I've been building Wordpress sites for clients and now I'm transitioning to Gatsby/Netlify stack. I don't like to be involved in managing/charging for hosting (too many stories of past developers holding their clients hostage with hosting credentials), so I always had the clients set up their own hosting accounts (Siteground, WPEngine etc) and sometimes I'd use my affiliate link to get a bit of $ back.

I appreciate the free tier Netlify offers but I definitely see how some freelance/small shops can offer Netlify hosting at 10-20$/ month and the clients would have no problems paying it.

Ideally, I'd like to have the client set up their own account, provide me with access and pay/manage their own hosting.

Do you think a set up like this is possible now?

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dx @ netlify

Hi Max,

Yes, absolutely. Why do you think there might be a problem doing this? seems relatively straightforward.

i may not see your reply so hit any of us up on twitter if you run into trouble doing this.