We are under attack and have enabled DDoS protection!

When Aaron's AMA was about to finish, we started receiving large number of unwanted requests from bots that brought the site down for about 30 minutes. Upon carefully observing the logs, we are sure that someone is deliberately trying to bring us down -- therefore I have enabled "DDoS protection" for the time being with the help from Cloudflare.

You will see a 5 second interstitial when opening Hashnode for the first time. Please bear with us until we sort this out.

** Update

We have enabled bot detection in our Firewall settings and are blocking these requests now. The origin of these requests seem to be Ireland.

Screenshot 2019-03-15 at 3.12.59 AM.png


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On the bright side, can you really consider yourself successful if you don't have haters? Another milestone for Hashnode! :D

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Sic 'em, Tiger!

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Wow... Sorry to hear that. Who'd be so mean :(

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