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I keep coming across the following two misconceptions, on a fairly regular basis!

Arrow functions are bound with their outer context (this)

This one is a fairly common misconception, especially among the folks who make a ES5 to ES6 jump.


Arrow functions bypass the binding process which makes the outer context (this) available inside the arrow function.

JavaScript is not an object oriented programming language

I was surprised, when I first heard this; but this is a popular misconception which is also prevalent among experienced JavaScript developers.


JavaScript doesn't have classical inheritance — where you create instances (objects) out of blueprints (classes); but it has has prototypal inheritance, where instances (objects) inherit from other instances (objects). Everything in JavaScript is an object; and JavaScript is a prototypal-object oriented programming language.

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"Use jQuery" as the answer to EVERY question -- typically by people who don't know enough HTML, CSS, or even JavaScript to be offering their opinion on the topic.

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  1. JS can do everything. Literally, I have heard people say that. I have seen people write some simple functions which can be easily done in Java, being written in JS which is not only big, but clumsy.
  2. JS is front-end version of Java. I mean yeah, the name Javascript is misleading, but even few experienced developers say the same.
  3. JS is not secure and vulnerable!

These 3 are most common one's I can recollect!

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Doing business related stuff in JS is crazy and I always send my data to backend for such things. And before I send it to Payment Gateway, I always calculate again in backend just to make sure as additional layer of security. But just because some dimwits doing such mission critical stuff in JS doesn't mean it is vulnerable. It means HE is stupid. That's what I tried to convey.

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My campus interview for a job at Oracle. In my technical interview, the interviewer read my CV and saw JS projects in it. He asked me, "Do all of you write JS because this is Oracle and JavaScript is by Oracle?" At first I thought he was pulling my leg. He wasn't.

I was so surprised that I wanted to laugh and bash out at him in front of his colleages. But then it was in college so of course I didn't.

I still cringe when I think about that day. 😂

you can use it for everything :) .... which is not wrong but the question is ... should you use it for everything ? you can write homepages in C as well ... I wouldn't recommend it though.

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